CHEDZ Peppercorn Baked Cheese Snack ~ Cheese Straws - GLUTEN FREE
Ever taste a great cheese straw? These are better. Chedz are a favorite of the Boulevard Baking team. These Gluten Free Peppercorn Chedz are full of rich cheddar flavor topped off with the fantastic addition of freshly ground pepper. SOOOO good. And addictive. Best of all, they’re low in carbs and high in protein. Check out all of the varieties we offer–Mild, Spicy, Gluten Free Mild, Gluten Free Spicy and Gluten Free Peppercorn! Chedz Peppercorn Baked Cheese Snack – Gluten Free 4 oz. bag Is it possible to feel love for a cheese snack? Folks wh